Distinguished Speakers

Plenary Speaker
Prof. Lihong V. Wang
California Institute of Technology (CalTech), California, USA
First time in India

Guest speaker
Prof. Daniel Razansky
ETH Zurich, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Attraction: Poster Competition

(Sponsored by anonymous)

  • 1st Prize: 9000 INR
  • 2nd Prize: 6000 INR
  • 3rd Prize: 5000 INR


Clinical imaging plays a key role – even becoming indispensable – in the entire process of clinical diagnosis/detection, staging, therapeutic treatments, and post-treatment monitoring of diseases. This initiative provides a unique platform for brain-storming among all the stake-holders – academicians, clinical practitioners, and industries – but also to re-generate the gained knowledges/expertise of experts in the field to the young generation. This special session aims to showcase the technological (imaging) innovations and applications that are instrumental in translating the promising and powerful imaging modalities from the laboratory to clinical practice.