Chromosome Stability 2022
About the Meeting

The Chromosome Stability meeting provides a platform to facilitate interactions between the fast growing Indian scientific community interested in areas related to chromosome stability with leading scientists from the US, Europe and Asia. Moreover, India probably has the largest pool of talented graduate students who should also be exposed to a meeting of this nature. The 1st meeting was held in a hill resort in Kerala in December 2012, 2nd in Bangalore in December 2014. The 3rd meeting was held in December 2016 in Trivandrum, Kerala. The last meeting was held in December 2018 in Bangalore. We are organizing the 5th meeting on “Chromosome Stability” during December 14 - 18, 2022 at IISER, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. We have speakers of international repute, a nice blend of young and senior scientists, from all over the world presenting seminars on the following broad areas of chromosome stability :

  1. Chromosomal domains
  2. Replication-Repair-Recombination
  3. Genome assembly and topology

To foster better interactions with the speakers, we encourage students, postdocs and young faculty members to present posters, involve in informal discussions and look for opportunities for further interactions and collaborations. We are very glad to know that several collaborations were initiated and postdoctoral appointments were made possible through interactions in last four meetings. We request the speakers and other participants to stay the entire duration of the meeting to facilitate such interactions. Due to space limitation, the maximum number of non-speaker participants is restricted to 100 including slots for 60 posters. Presenting authors of the accepted posters (based on submitted abstracts) will be intimated. The participation of the non-presenters will be based on the time of registration (first come basis).