Review Talks (1 hour)

Frederik Denef String theory Landscape
Tatsuma Nishioka Holographic Quantum Information
Sumit Das SYK Holography
Alok Laddha Soft Theorems
Aninda Sinha Conformal Bootstrap

Technical Talks (30 Minutes)

Heng Yu Chen Correlation functions in conformal field theory and connections with the holography.
S. Fawad Hassan Bimetric Gravity
Julian Sonner General aspects of thermalisation in holography/strongly correlated field theory
Masazumi Honda Resurgence (or equivalently relation between exact result and resummation of perturbative series)
Samir Mathur The big bang causality paradox
Vishnu Jejjala Machine learning approaches to Calabi-Yau geometry
Kostas Skenderis Anomalous Supersymmetry
Tarek Anous Black hole collapse processes in 2d CFT from higher-point conformal blocks in the large-c limit.
Davide Cassani Supersymmetric AdS5 black holes and holography
Rajesh Gopakumar The Worldsheet Dual of the Symmetric Product CFT
Sandip Trivedi Near Extremal Black Hole Dynamics
Prithvi Narayan A reformulation of Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev like model
Diptarka Das Modular bootstrap with applications to thermalization
Anirban Basu Eigenvalue equation for genus two modular graphs
Justin David Applications of moonshine in string compactifications and black holes
Daniel Grumiller Soft Heisenberg Hair
Glen Barnich Charged black body radiation
Roji Pius Some aspects of String theory
Axel Kleinschmidt Affine Exceptional Field Theory
S. Prem Kumar RG flows on impurities and holographic entanglement entropy
Gabriel Lopes Cardoso Exact results and microstate counting formulae for BPS black holes in the N=2 STU model
Camillo Imbimbo Emergent topological structures of supergravity
Finn Larsen AdS2 quantum gravity.
Ashoke Sen Analyticity and crossing symmetry in superstring theory’
Abhijit Gadde No CFTs in large D
Gautam Mandal TBA
Suvrat Raju A Toy Model of the Information Paradox in Empty anti-de Sitter Space
Shiraz Minwalla TBA
Chethan Krishnan Bounds on Slow Roll at the Boundary of the Lanscape
Sunil Mukhi Curiosities Above c=24
Apratim Kaviraj TBA

Technical Talks (20 Minutes)

Deepali Mishra A generalised Garfinkle-Vachaspati transform.
Pulastya Parekh Tensionless Strings: A perspective from the worldsheet
Arghya Chattopdhyay Consequences of Integrable Representations on Chern-Simons Theory
Partha Paul Horizon instability and late time tail of extremal RN black hole
Prashanth Raman Holographic Conformal Partial Waves
Saswati Dhara Bi-partite vertex model and multi-colored link invariants
Kasi Jaswin Complex Langevin Dynamics in Large N Unitary Matrix Models
Avik Banerjee Maximal Chaos
Boudhayan Paul Holographic entanglement negativity for disjoint intervals in AdS_3/CFT_2
Lavneet Janagal TBA
Taniya Mandal Large Dimensional Membrane Paradigm in the presence of Higher Derivative Corrections
Pinaki Banerjee Stokes Polytopes and Quartic Interactions
Sitender Pratap Kashyap TBA
Anshuman Dey Chern-Simons matter dualities
Kedar Kolekar AdS2 holography from redux, RG flows and c-functions
Subramanya Hegde A new N=2 density formula in four dimensions with applications to Real Scalar/Tensor Multiplet
Ritabrata Bhattacharya Chaotic Correlation Functions with Complex Fermions
K. V. Pavan Kumar TBA
Moumita Patra Classical Monopole Solutions to N = 3 Chern-Simons-Yang-Mills Theories.
Vivek Kumar Singh Entanglement entropy from link invariants within Chern-Simons framework
Sutapa Samanta BKM lie superalgebra related to Mathieu Moonshine and Umbral Moonshine
Soumyadeep Chaudhuri Out of time ordered quantum dissipation
Sayid Mondal Time Evolution of Entanglement Negativity from Black Hole Interiors
Prafulla Oak Holographic Beta functions for the Generalized Sine Gordon Theory
M Vishal TBA
Nilakash Sorokhaibam Quantum Chaos and Thermalization
Rohan Poojary AdS3 dynamics and chaos
Alexandre Serantes Periodically driven holographic CFTs
Pratim Roy On the time dependence of holographic complexity in an Einstein-dilaton model